Organik Kimya

Organik Kimya has been a polymer emulsions supplier for over 40 years and is a global player in the polymers industry with both commodity and specialty polymer emulsions.

  • Paint: A wide range of acrylics, styrene acrylics, and vinyl acetates is available including but not limited to interior/exterior wall paints, emission free paints, gloss paints, coatings, primers, plasters and stains. All new developments are in-line with VOC regulations, phasing out formaldehyde, ammonia and other restrained substances.
  • Construction: Dry Redispersible Powders, Liquid Styrene acrylics, acrylics, PSA's are developed for roof coatings, concrete mortar modifications, sealants, EIFS, and construction adhesives.
  • Polishes: A good range of zinc-crosslinked and non-zinc acrylics for floor polishes and for shoe polishes have been developed in recent years.
  • PVAC Adhesives: Acetates and Vinyl Acrylics for wood adhesives, paper, packaging and heat seal