Resine Italiane S.R.L.

Resine Italiane, Established in 1970 in Italy in Casalserugo-Padova (close to Venice), produces a wide range of ketone resins (Resanon) with different Softening Point and Reactivity, used in the production of ink, paint, adhesive.

Resanon has good pigment wetting properties: this leads to brilliant gloss even at high pigmentation. Resanon can remarkable improve the luster, adhesion, wetting, film surface hardness and solid content and reduce the system viscosity. Resanon, thanks to the availability of high active hydroxyl group, can react with various kinds of isocyanates, used to prepare polyols and Polyurethane systems Resine Italiane can supply also cyclized rubber (Resiprene) in solid state as well as in solution, well known in the coatings industry of mirror paint, adhesion promoter in plastic surface, high resistance corrosion paint.